Episode 1

It is 9am in Canine Hills and Jenny Ogden is working as a cleaner in the local pub which is called the Squeaky Toy Inn. Jenny is a lovely dog, but she does love to know every ones business, but she does have a heart of gold. Jenny heard voices coming from the backroom, so she crept to the door and put her ear to it, but she could not hear properly - suddenly a glass floated over to Jenny - Jenny was not afraid of the floating glass as she knew that it was Fluffy the pubs friendly ghost.

Fluffy was the old landlady of the Squeaky Toy Inn, she loved the pub and was never going to leave. Jenny put the glass against the door and she could hear Shadow the landlady talking to Billy Barlow the owner of the factory - Collars to Fit - Shadow said “Look we need the new football kits as soon as possible” Billy replied “You can’t expect me to making collars just like that - when you haven’t even mentioned the colours of the kit”

Shadow said “We want red tops and black shorts - we need them by this Sunday” Billy replied “Ok - I’d better get back to the factory and make a start, I hope the girls are up for some overtime!” Jenny heard Billy’s chair slide back and quickly put the glass down, grabbed her duster and pretended to clean the beer pumps she started to sing “La da dee la da da la da dee la da da” The door opened and Shadow and Billy came out and Shadow asked “Jenny - why is there a glass by the door?” Jenny replied “I don’t know - I have been cleaning - it must have been Fluffy”

Shadow put the glass under the bar, and Jenny felt a gentle flick on her ear, she made sure no would hear, and said quietly “Sorry Fluff” Billy said his goodbyes to Shadow and Jenny and left the pub walked along the cobbled street when he heard a voice “Alright Billy”

It was Paco he is a mechanic, Billy went over and said “Yes I am fine, hows tricks?” Paco replied “We are busy busy busy” Rosco who slid out from under the car he was working on said “You can say that again”

Billy said “I was hoping to book my motor in for a service” Rosco said to Paco “Check the dairy and see if we can fit Billy in - I am not making any promises though” Paco checked the diary and said “we can fit you in - in a weeks time at 10am” Rosco added “Sorry it is the time of year, plus we got Ted the Ed to put an ad in the Hills Gazette”

Just then Sergeant Maxy Moo of the Yard came around the corner, Paco with a grin on his face said “Ello ello ello ello what’s all this then - Max you are patrolling early today” Max laughed and replied “You know us police dogs - always on duty” Rosco added “Have you got time for a cuppa and a sticky bun?” Max replied “I have always got time for a sticky bun” Billy said “I best go - I have a lot to do” Billy said his goodbyes and he went back to the factory and all the girls were busily sewing away on the machines,

Billy called “Girls -can I have your attention please” The machines fell silent and Billy continued, “We have been asked to make the football kits for the pub team and we have to start straight away - the tops are red and the shorts are black, your supervisor Zahli has the sizes and she has informed me that we have the materials for the job - any questions?”

Rosie asked “Will we be paid overtime Mr Barlow?” “Of course” replied Billy.

Lucy asked “Do we have to work through our dinner hour - because I have a hair appointment with Poppy at Crops and Mops” Billy replied “No you don’t have to - but I would like it if you did”

Ellie added “If we do work through - what about food?” Billy replied “I will pay for a cafĂ© run” Molly said “Mr Barlow, can I use the phone so I can ring my family - the Dingles, I want to get them to meet me in the pub after work” “Ok - but don’t be to long” Molly.

Billy continued “OK girls - lets make a start” Zahli dashed off to get the fabrics and Molly dashed off to call her family - She shut the office door - picked up the phone - dialled the number “Little Mo is that you” asked Molly, “Yes it is I” laughed Little Mo, Molly continued “I won’t be home for lunch - we have a flap on here, can you meet me in the pub after work”

Molly replied “Yep as soon as Toney gets back, he helping on the farm with Ellie and Ella they are ploughing” Molly said “If he doesn’t get back in time, you can always get a cab from Ozzy”.

Little Mo spluttered “Have you any idea how much a cab costs and I will have to get someone to look after Sparkey” Molly said “Aww go on - please” Little Mo caved in and said “Ok then - I’ll meet you there” Molly said goodbye and put the phone down and went back to her machine.

Over at the Crop and Mop, the manageress Poppy was doing Little Poppys hair, poppy asked “Have you entered for the beauty contest Miss Canine Hills?” Little Poppy replied “Yes I have - it is hard being a beauty queen but guess what………………….?

To be continued.........

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