Episode 7

Jenny puffing and sweating said “Have they moved the market - it seems we have been walking over a week!” Bella replied “We will be there soon - the next episode has just started” “Thank goodness for that” puffed Jenny. Just then Paco came over “Hello ladies” Bella and Holly giggled, Jenny said to Paco “Behave yourself - I am trained in K.T.A” Paco looked puzzled and asked “What’s K.T.A?” Jenny replied smiling “It means Keep Ted Away - and my handbag comes in handy for that” Paco laughed “You haven’t got anything to worry about” this made Bella and Holly giggle even more, “The cheek of it” muttered Jenny. Then Rosco shouted over “Paco put those girls down - you don’t know where they have been heehee hehe, get back here we have to finish Billi-bs car today - you know he is still in a bad mood over them missing football kits so we had better finish his car” Paco shouted back “Ok boss - give me five minutes”

Paco turned back to Jenny and said “What I came over for - is it true that the phantom knicker knicker is still at large? - I thought he had been caught!” Jenny lowered her voice and said “Well you know I am not one for gossip” Bella and Holly looked at one another sniggering. Jenny ignored the sniggering and continued “I heard a rumour that the cat was framed - but it is only a rumour” Paco said “I’d better get back to the garage before Rosco blows a gasket” he winked at Bella and Holly and said “Catch you later girls” Bella and Holly giggled again and Jenny said “Will you to stop giggling and lets get to the market - and you have given me a headache with all that giggling!” Bella and Holly said together “Oooooow” Holly whispered to Bella “She’s only jealous hehe”

Once they got to the market they saw Shadow chatting to Teddy and Herbie, the market was really busy, they started to walk to Teddies stall but Jenny noticed Zahli and seargant Max and then she called “Youhoooooo Maxy - over here” they all met at Teddies stall, Herbie said “A good crowd - can we sell you anything?” Max replied “Sorry but no” Shadow asked “What are you lot doing here?” Zahli replied “Max asked me to come with him here to see if there was any sign of the missing football kits” “Has anyone?” remarked Shadow, “No - we haven’t seen any yet” replied Zahli, Holly asked “Is it true it could be the phantom knicker knicker?”

On hearing those words Shadow began to shake, Max replied “Yes it is a good possibility” Shadow began to change colour, Max continued “Well he or she left their trademark behind” Teddy asked “What is their trademark” Max replied “A big pair of yellow knickers” Shadow had turned a shade of green and said “I have got to go - I don’t feel very well” Jenny commented “You do look a funny colour”

Shadow charged off down the street - not noticing anyone or anything, she got back to the pub, went straight to the back room and laid on the settee with her head over the edge looking in the mirror muttering to herself “Pull yourself together - history is not going to repeat itself - she looked in the mirror again and started to remember what happened back when she was a barmaid at the squeaky toy.......

........ She had just finished her shift and began to walk home when a figure in a top hat and cloak dashed past dropping a pile of knickers at her feet and on top of the pile was a big pair of yellow knickers,

then all of a sudden the hounds of the yard pounced on her and said “We got you bang to rights and they locked her in a cell,

the Dingles heard what happened to Shadow and they knew she was innocent and they started the free Shadow campaign. Trevor tried to stop drinking for sponsers - but it only lasted a minute as he got thirsty.

Little Mo and Toney went out of Canine Hills - no dog ever does that,

they went and got the human prime minister involved to help the campaign.

Then Shadow heard a voice calling her, and shouted “IT WASN’T ME” Levi said “What are you going on about - I saw you were in a daydream” Shadow apologised “Sorry about that” Levi said “Do you want me to go and get the pumps ready” “Yes please” replied Shadow, Levi left the room and Shadow thought to herself I know what will cheer me up she went to her vast collection of cds and got her favourite cd out, it was by D4 her favorite song on the cd was I need a hero, she put the track on

and as it started she went back to her mirror, applied her make up, put her earings in and sang along to the music, she began daydreaming again, why has the phantom knicker knicker started again - in her pub! And what is the connection, Levi came back into the room looked at Shadow gazing in the mirror and said to her self “Oh she has gone again” she gently nudged Shadow and said “I’ll open up then” Shadow who had her mascara in one paw close to her eyes jumped poking herself in the eye with her mascara said “Yes please” as she grabbed the cotton wool to sort out her makeup………..

to be continued………………………………..

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