Episode 6

Toggle said “We have been waiting for the phone to ring all week” Button remarked “I am glad this episode has started - I’m busting for the loo!” Toggle replied “Cor it we be like Niagra Falls hehe - go on then off you go and I will warn everyone the tide is coming in hehe” Button dashed off to the loo and returned after ten minutes saying “I really needed that - that’s better” then the telephone began to ring “

Button picked it up and said “Hello Home Farm” a voice came back “Hello this is seargant Max, I was just checking that you are in- I can see that you are - I have just pulled into your drive, I am on my paws free kit” Button replied “I’ll just get Toggle to open the door for you, so you can come straight in” so seargant Max pulled up in his police car, and went into Home Farm, sat down and said to Toggle and Button

“In your own words - please tell me what happened” Button began “Well we were slightly late arriving at the squeaky toy inn, because Toggle could not decide what suit to wear, when we finally arrived, the rest of the football team had started to get changed, we got undressed but couldn’t find our kits, the coach told us it was time to go out, everyone started to run out and we got pushed in the charge” Toggle sobbed “Then everyone saw us in our blue intiled embroidered pants - it was so embarrassing” Max asked “Why do you have your intials on your pants?” Button replied pointing at Toggle “He always nicks my pants” No I do not” replied Toggle, “Yes you do” insisted Button, I do not!!!!” argued Toggle, Button said “Yes you do and if you don’t agree I will give you a game of leapfrog and you know I am better at leapfrog than you!”

Toggle relented and said “Ok I do nick his pants” Max who had listened with interest said “Ok was there anything else you two noticed?” Just then Annie from Lurchers to clean came in and said “I’ll start at upstairs and work down today - if that’s ok” Toggle told her that it was fine

and they waited for Annie to go and Toggle replied to Maxes question “Yes there was something else - there was a very big pair of yellow knickers in there” On hearing this Max shuddered and said “I have everything I need - best go - I’ll let you know if there are any developments” Max said his goodbyes and jumped in his car - once he was out of sight he removed one of his seargant stripes and pulled an aerial from it and pressed a button.

Jenny was walking along the cobbled street when all of a sudden she felt one of her rollers vibrating, she looked around to make sure no-one was around, the coast was clear.

She took the roller from her hair net, pulled up the concealed aerial and pressed a button and said “Mata Hari here” Max lifted his seargent stripe to his mouth and replied “It is I Ethen Hawke - we have a problem” What’s that then Ethen” replied Mata Hari, Ethan replied “I think the phantom knicker knicker is still at large” Mata Hari replied “I thought you caught him - you said it was a cat” Ethan replied “No that was a red herring, someone tied some yarn to a washing line and the cat was just playing with it, I may need your help” Mata Hari replied “No - sorry you are on your own this time, I have my own mission to do, it is to find out what is going on with the three girls at the pub, anyway Ethan - have you told Q?” Ethan replied “Sorry” Mata Hari repeated the question “Have you told Q?” Ethan replied “Sorry I just noticed a packet of pork scratchings, and no I haven’t told Q yet” Mata Hari sternly said “Pay attention when I talk to you and stop worrying about you stomach, I had better go I have just seen Bella and Holly go in the mini mart, let me know if you find anything - Mata Hari out”

Jenny pushed the aerial back into he roller and put it back under her hair net, and made her way to the mini mart. Kia was behind the counter and Jackson had just made some cups of gravy, Lucy Compton was helping Bella and Holly decide which moisturiser to buy, Jenny asked “Have you got any boiled greenies in?” Kia replied “Over to the right - on the top shelf - Jackson will show you” Jackson muttered “She will want me to stick a broom under my tail and sweep the floor as I go next” he showed Jenny where the greenies were” Jenny asked Jackson “Do Bella and Holly come here often to get moisturiser?” Jackson replied “Yes - about twice a week and always a different one” he got the greenies for Jenny, who followed Bella and Holly to the counter who paid Kia for their moisturiser.

Jenny asked them “Where are you off to?” Holly replied “We are off to the market” Jenny asked “Do you mind if I go with you?” Bella said “No we don’t mind, you can come with us” Kia piped up “Not until you have paid for those greenies - that will be 72 bakers please” Jenny paid Kia and headed to the market with Bella and Holly …………….

To be continued ……….

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