Episode 12

Laddy had listened intently at Alberts story as he leaned over to hear more, but a week had passed and poor Laddy was rather stiff and he fell over, he sat there rubbing his backside with his paw, determined not to miss anything, he could hear his two guardian angels Ebony and Minstrel laughing and was sure he could hear Fluffy giggling as well. Lucy saw what happened and dashed over to a blushing Laddy and asked “Are you ok?” Laddy replied “I’m fine but that will smart in the morning” he was still rubbing his poor bruised rear, Laddy continued “I couldn’t help overhearing little Albert, I think I can help to solve the tapping noise” Lucy replied “You mean it could be a a a a ghost” Laddy couldn’t help grinning at Lucys pale face and replied “Sounds as if it could be paranormal, but don’t worry it could be someone trying to get a message to Albert” Lucy said “How many bonios is this going to cost me?” Laddy replied “This one is on me, but you can always buy me a pint at the squeaky toy later” Lucy asked “Shall we go now?”
Laddy replied “What are we waiting for - lead the way please”

On the way to Alberts house - 76 the hills - Laddy had a feeling that someone else had joined them he looked behind him and Fluffy had joined them for the journey - she was having a chat with Ebony and Minstrel. Once they reached Alberts house a nervous Albert was clutching his teddy and muttering “I am not going in my bedroom” Laddy took Alberts paw reassuringly and said “You are going to have to come in the bedroom with me and show me exactly happened” Lucy remarked to Albert “I hope your room is tidy” Albert blushed “I think so” knowing that he hadn’t.

They went upstairs to Alberts room as they got to the door Alberts grip on Laddys paw tightened so much - Laddy was concerned his paw may turn blue. Laddy grimaced at the pain and tried to give Albert a reassuring smile. Then Laddy opened the door. Alberts bedroom was a typical pups room, toys everywhere and out grown collars - there was a single pathway to the bed. Lucy remarked “I thought you had tidied this room” Albert replied “I kept the pathway to my bed clear” Lucy apologised to Laddy about the mess. Laddy said “Don’t worry about it -I have seen worse” Trying to think when he had. Laddy asked his angels and Fluffy if anything else was in the room, Ebony, Minstrel and Fluffy immediately saw who was in the room and zoomed to where the angel was.

Laddy turned to Lucy and Albert and said “I know who your angel is but at the moment I can’t get a word in” Albert was now shaking and his legs were knocking together. Laddy said “Albert please worry no more - your visiting angel is your granny Bonnie” Albert immediately stopped shaking and looked at Laddy with big wide excited eyes and said “My granny Bon-Bon” Laddy replied “It sure is and she wants us to follow her”. Albert replied “Where does she want us to follow her too? And how is she?” Laddy replied Bonnie is fine and happy like a puppy, and she had to pop back to show you something, now we must follow her - she is getting impatient” Albert smiled “That’s my granny Bon-Bon”

The angels led them down stairs, to the cupboard under the stairs, which they had to go in, at the back of the cupboard Laddy moved some boxes and they could see a handle, Lucy remarked “I have never seen that before” Laddy said to Albert “Your granny Bonnie wants you to hold the handle” Albert puts his paw on the handle and does what Laddy says. Laddy continues “Two turns to the left, three turns to the right and open the door” Albert said “Are we going to Narnia?” Laddy frowned at him.

As they opened the door two shutters slid apart, a light thing came forward which looked like a paw. Laddy instructed “Albert put your paw on it - it need to take your paw print” Albert did this and then the paw printer went back, the shutters closed behind them and the wall in front of them slid down, and they couldn’t believe what they saw - it was a massive laboratory, with computers, gizmos, gadgets everywhere.

Laddy swore them all to secrecy that they would never reveal the secret location of Bonnies laboratory, Albert asked “Why does granny Bon-Bon want to show me this?” Laddy explained “The machines that have been buzzing around lately are time machines, they haven’t got enough energy to get back to their own dimension and time, so Bonnie wanted to show you this” Laddy was pointing at a big triangle shaped object which on the back wall of the lab. Albert looked puzzled and asked “What is it?”

Laddy replied “Let me explain - it is a time vortex and how it is powered is some energy from the Bermuda triangle and a watch she confiscated a long time ago, this watch has the power to open the gateway to send the time machines home, now I need to show you how to switch it on - got to that big computer and press control” Albert did this, Laddy continued “Go to the wall to your left and stand behind the shield and flick the switch - Lucy and I will go with you - you will see why”

So Lucy, Albert and Laddy went to the platform behind the shield and Albert flicked the switch, there was a rush of light which came out of the triangle and rushed back into it and the light swirled in the triangle.

Laddy said “Bonnie has told me she wants you to catch the time machines and send them through the time vortex to their own time” Albert asked “How will I catch them?” Laddy listened with a smile to Bonnies reply and said “Bonnie invented a magnetic net - it is only attracted to the metal of the time machines, and the net is hanging on the wall behind us - it is now safe to come out from behind the shield, if we hadn’t of been behind this shield, Bonnie informed me that we would have been dragged in to the vortex”

Albert saw the net on wall and grabbed it, switched off the vortex and they all left the hidden lab, Lucy who was in awe said “No wonder my electric bills were so high - now I know, I didn’t realise how clever auntie Bonnie was” Albert said excitedly “Cor this is something out of star trek” he held the magnetic net to his face and said “Beam me up scotty - I am in trouble down here” ………….

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