Episode 9

Zoe screamed at Max “My bloomers have been missing for a week now and all you have done is just stood there!” Zahli grumbled “I am pleased this episode has begun - I am so stiff standing here for a week listening to Zoe screaming about her blimming bloomers!” Max took control of the situation “Calm down Zoe - and tell me what happened” Zoe took a deep breath, counted to 10 and blurted out angrily “I had just pegged me washing out - took my washing basket back inside, came back out to prop my line up, and …and… my bloomers had ..had gone, and there was this hideous pair of yellow knickers flapping around in the wind, and I am a refined lady - you will not catch me wearing yellow knickers!! and Max I thought you had caught the phantom knicker nicker!!!” Max apologised “Um Um sorry Zoe it wasn’t the cat - it was a red herring, someone took the photo” glaring at Ted, Max continued “The cat was playing with some strands of yarn which was attached to the line - it looked as if he was stealing the knickers - but he wasn’t he was only playing with the yarn - I sent the photo away for analysis last week - which confirmed this -

so now the cat has been released from Feline Prison, and now he is suing us for a million go -cat”

Ted looked shocked and Zoe pointed her paw at Ted and shouted “So it is your fault my bloomers have been stolen” Ted spluttered “Let me explain - let me explain - the photo in question - let me remember” After a minutes silence Ted continued “It was a slow week for scandal that week and I hadn’t had any opportunity to get my paws into the knicker nicker story - a rival newspaper beat me to it - so I set the photo up, I put some yarn on that washing line - set up a hidden camera and I waited for the cat - as soon as the cat started to play with the yarn, it set the camera off - but the camera caught me as well, even I was in the frame at one point - but then after photo was printed in my paper - the cat was arrested and knickers stopped going missing - so everyone thought it was the cat”

At this point Zoe was standing with her paws on hips - turned a lovely shade of scarlet and shouted “Well you hadn’t caught him had you! - so it is all your fault - you owe me one - no two pairs of purple bloomers with pink lace - and Ted why are you wearing that apron!!!!” Ted looked down at his apron - and a look of panic spread across his face and he ran off screaming “Ooooh me fairy cakes oooooh”

Zoe turned Max and said sternly “Are you going to stand there for another week or finally do some police work and find my bloomers?” Max was totally gob smacked at Zoes outburst to Ted and stuttered “U u u u m ok Zoe - Seargant Maxy Moo of the yard will solve the case” Zoe replied “Mmmmmm we’ll see” giving Max a dirty look as she struts off down the cobbles grumbling to herself. Zoe walks into Crops and Mops and says to Poppy “Any chance you can fit me in - me roots could do with a touch up” Poppy checked her appointments and said “No problem Zoe - we have just had a cancellation, take a seat” As Poppy was mixing her colours she noticed that Zoe looked very flustered and commented “Everything ok Zoe” Zoe replied sternly “No it isn’t” Poppy asked “What is the matter” Zoe related the story of the missing bloomers and the yellow ones that were left on her line, Poppy was shocked to hear this and said “You need strong sweet cup of gravy”

Poppy asked her new trainee Rosie to make Zoes drink, Rosie was giving Pheobe Battersby a french manicure and said “Back in minute Pheobe just put your paws under the nail dryer and leave them there until I get back”

Rosie went into the back room to make a drink and popped her around the door and said “Poppy we are out of sugar” Poppy replied “You wouldn’t mind popping to the shop to get some would you sweetie - take it out of petty cash - and would you mind getting me a paper as well please” So Rosie got some bonios and bakers out of petty cash and left the salon to get the sugar and paper, she went into the cabin and said excitedly “Zeea, Dottie you never guess what I heard” Zeea replied “What tell us” Rosie replied “The phantom knicker nicker has struck again” Dottie replied “Ooooh I say - tell us more” Rosie continued “Well we have Zoe in the salon - she is in a right state - her bloomers have been nicked off her washing line”

Then they all heard giggling Zeea went to investigate and found Albert and Findley the paperboys getting their sacks ready for their rounds. Zeea said “Right boys - you are to young to be hearing about bloomers” The boys burst out laughing, Zeea continued “Right out out out get them papers delivered” The boys left the shop still laughing,

Rosie continued “What did I come in for- oh yes a paper and over the road for sugar” Dottie said “We have a extra bag of sugar - Zeea got it earlier and we didn’t need it” Rosie replied “Yes please - how much do I owe you for the sugar and paper” Zeea replied “92 bakers please” Rosie paid Zeea and went to the salon - made Zoe a cup of gravy - finished Pheobe manicure, Pheobe was relieved her paws were beginning to get rather hot under the nail dryer.

Poppy suddenly remembered that she also had her smalls on her washing line, she finished applying Zoes colour and said “Back in a minute - I am just going home to check my washing” Poppy left the salon - she only lived a couple of doors away from it - she went around the back of her house into her garden - looked horrified at what she saw - she ran back to the salon as fast as her legs would carry her, nearly fell through the door and puffing and panting blurted out “My my knickers have been stolen”

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