Episode 2

Little Poppy said grumpily “As I was saying, from last week when the episode finished, I am going to have to have a word with the writer of this soap, he knows us girls like to chat and not to end the episode in mid-flow!

Right know I feel better, I will continue now guess what -

Ted is going to judge the Miss Hills beauty contest”. Poppy asked “Ted who owns the Hills Gazette?, but I thought he batted for the other side” Little Poppy replied “No he doesn’t” Poppy said “I think he might - you rarely see him with a girl do you? He only hangs around with Gimli and Max” Little Poppy replied “Yes, but Maxy Moo has a girlfriend, so does Gimli I think - Teddy is always chasing after Jenny - he reminds me of Compo from Last of the Summerwine, because he is always chasing Nora Batty hee hee” Poppy laughed and said “But come on he is a little camp” Little Poppy agreed.

Just then Lucy came bursting in and panted “Poppy - I know I am early but can you fit me in now, because we have a big flap on at the factory and Mr Barlow has given me a little time off to get my hair done” Poppy replied “Don’t worry Lucy - we can fit you in”.

Turning to her young trainee she said “Jinx - can you wash Lucy’s hair for me please” Jinx replied “Yes boss - Lucy if you would like to come with me” Lucy went with Jinx. Poppy had finished Little Poppy’s hair and said “That’s it you are done - what do you think?”

Poppy got the mirror and showed Little Poppy the back of her hair. Little Poppy replied “It looks lovely - thank you - how much do I owe you? Poppy went over to the till and said “That will be 14 Bonios and 7 Bakers please” Little Poppy said “Your prices have gone up” Poppy replied “Yes I know - it is my overheads”

Little Poppy paid her bill, Poppy got her collar for her and she put it on, said her goodbyes to everyone at the hair salon, and she walked along the cobbled street, Paco and Rosco spotted her and Paco wolf whistled, Rosco laughed and said “You will get into trouble on of these days”

But Paco wasn’t listening he was watching Little Poppy, then he turned back , he took his spanner off the nut he was turning and oil sprayed into his face.

Rosco threw him a cloth and said That’ll teach you to look what you are doing” they both laughed.

Across the street the market was in full swing and the twins Teddy and Herbie had watched with amusement at Paco and Rosco and laughed, then Herbie said to Teddy “We are not selling much today, not even my muppet impression is working” Teddy replied “I know - it must be the bonio credit crunch”

Herbie said “The bonio credit crunch - don’t you mean bonio recession, any way how are you getting on with your new girlfriend - Shadow?” Teddy replied “Brilliant” He then went in to a loving daze and clicked his claws right under Teddys nose to bring him out of of his daze and said “You are lucky as Shadow owns the pub”

Teddy replied “That doesn’t mean I get a free pint she still charges me” Herbie said sarcastically “Ark at her - getting all defensive - it must be love hee hee” Teddy changing the subject said “Are you ok on your own for a minute I have to go the shop to get my paper?” Herbie replied “Go on then - we are not exactly busy”

Teddy made his way to the shop but before he got there Jenny was there talking to Zeea and Dottie, Zeea and Dottie are joint owners of the shop, Jenny was saying “Well you know I am not one to gossip but there is something weird going on at the pub” Zeea asked “Whatever do you mean?” “Well every time Shadow, Bella or Holly get water or anything else wet on them, they run to the back room and lock the door, then they re -appear 15-20 minutes later”

Dottie replied “Maybe they are scared of water” Zeea said “But you think they would just dry off with a towel” Dottie said “Well I don’t really know Zeea” Then Jenny added “Well Shadow takes ages in the bath and you should hear some of the noise that comes out of there” Dottie said “Ooooh tell us more!” Jenny replied “Well………..” Zeea interrupted

“Shhhh Teddy is coming in - talk about something else!” They rapidly changed the subject “Jenny commented “Nice weather we are having” Teddy was now in the shop and said Just popped in for the Gazette” Dottie got him his paper and said “That will be 30 bakers please” Teddy paid for his paper and Jenny said “Coooooeeee Teddy, how is your market stall going?” Teddy replied “Not to good today, if things don’t pick up Herbie and I will go and watch the football practise, have you heard how they are getting on Jenny?” Jenny looked at Teddy and said “Me gossip - never” Dottie and Zeea had a quiet snigger on hearing this. Teddy asked “Has anyone seen Scoop lately?” Dottie replied “No - I haven’t” Jenny said “I heard he has gone on a around the world trip” Zeea said “I expect he will be back soon”

Teddy said “I’d better get back to the stall, I have can’t leave Herbie on his own too long” Zeea asked how can dogs tell you two apart” Teddy replied cheekily “I am darker and have more curlier fur - I am the better looking one, right I am off bye” They all said goodbye to Teddy and Jenny made sure he had definitely gone and turned back to Dottie and Zeea and said “As I was saying ……………………………..
To be continued…………………


  1. Brilliant work James, Lisa, Paul & Jacky! thanks for some light entertainment & for including all of us pooches.

  2. Brillian job again, James, Lisa, Paul & Jacky! Thanks for some light entertainment & for allowing us DS pooches to 'shine' for a while.

  3. Amazing!!!! I don't know how you do it but it's fantastic. So clever and it makes me laugh too!! I'm so proud of Teddy's and Herbie's acting too.......!!!!!

  4. Got to be the work of a genius, absolutely brilliant, had me in stitches, thank you all for all the time you spend putting this together. Fantastic.