Episode 3

Jenny was still in the shop, Zeea with a smile said “I am pleased this episode has started, you have eaten all the strawberry flavoured pigs ears, you were saying from last week?” Well a girl has got to eat” replied Jenny.

Dottie pleaded “Oh Jenny - please tell” Jenny replied “Well as I was saying, Fluffy knows what is going on and she won’t let on, not even to Laddy from the Most Haunted team, He talks to Ebony and Minstrel - he says they help him communicate with ghosts, he calls them his Laddys angels, and they talk to Fluffy and Laddy, but they won’t let on, but I will get to the bottom of this you mark my words”.

Zeea said “Isn’t it amazing how you said all that without taking a breath, if I talk for that long without taking a breath, I would turn blue” Jenny laughed “Cheeky”. Then the shop door opened and it was Albert and he said “I am ready to do my evening paperbound” Dottie replied “Your paper sack is out the back, oh by the way, number 22 has complained he didn’t get his paper” Albert replied “ Barney Tatlock is always complaining , I think he loves to moan” Dottie laughed “I agree, he always sits in the pub grumbling hehe”

Jenny said “Right Zeea and Dottie, I am off now, I have to get ready for the darts match tonight, it girls versus boys, will you two be there?” Zeea and Dottie confirmed that they would be in the pub for the darts match. Jenny left the shop and called “Cooooeeee Foxy, Foxy waved at Jenny as he drove past in his cab, Foxy stopped the cab outside the café.

He went into the café, walked up to the counter, and said “Could I have a bacon buttie please” Bally said “Jack can you serve Foxy, I have to serve Barney his biscuit surprise” Jack replied “Ok Bally - so Foxy how is it going? Foxy answered “Busy, I am running my tail off, Jess asked me to get her a bacon buttie and a cup of gravey, and I best be quick”

Bally had walked over to Barney and said “One biscuit surprise” Barney replied “Cheers, do you want me to pay now?” Bally replied “Yes please, that will be bonios and 3 bakers please” back to the counter and Jack said to Foxy “Why are you so busy?” Foxy replied “Well there is a new show on at the other side of the hills called google girls and everyone want cabs to go and see it” Jack asked “Do you know what is it about?” Foxy replies “All I know is the google girls talk on the phone and enter a singing competition, I hear it is pretty good” Jack said “I must go and see it, right here is Jess’s bacon buttie and a cup of gravey, that will 1 bonio and 2 bakers please”

Foxy paid jack and went back to his cab, he then heard Jess calling him on the radio, “Foxy, Foxy - are you there?” Foxy picked up the mic “Yes” Jess replied “Don’t answer so cheekily you, you have a pick up at the Dingle farm to the Squeaky Toy - oh and have you got ny bacon buttie - I am starving” Foxy replied “Yes Jess - I have your buttie, how many am I picking up?” Jess replied “Three I think, and you can drop my buttie off on the way”

So Foxy set off to the Dingle farm via the cab office to give Jess her buttie. Up at the Dingle farm, Little Mo was getting ready, she ran down the stairs and shouted to Trevor “Could you look after Sparkey for me?” Trevor grumbled “Why am I always the babysitter?, can’t Buster do it?” Little Mo replied “I can’t trust Buster to do it - you know what he is like - there is a bottle of scotch in it for you” I’ll do it” immediately replied Trevor. Toney arrived home and said to Little Mo “Are we off out then?” Little Mo replied “Yes we are - I got a cab on the way” Toney said “Right - give me two minutes to get ready - is Buster coming - so I can keep my eye on him”

Toney got himself ready and then they heard a car horn, and went to their cab for the journey to the Squeaky Toy, they arrived at the pub and Foxy said “That will be 6 bonios please”. They paid Foxy and went in to the pub, the pub was packed and Bella and Holly were serving, the Dingles went to the bar and asked for 3 pints, Bella said “Can you hold on a minute, I am rushed of my paws tonight” then 3 glasses floated over to the beer pumps and started to fill themselves, Holly smiled and said “Thank you Fluffy”

Then Shadow said in a loud voice “Laydees and Gentledogs - the darts match is about to start so make sure you have your drinks and your darts ready” At that moment Ted entered the pub and everyone was looking at him. Bella nudged Holly and muttered “What is he wearing - are you sure he is straight?” Ted was wearing purple flares and lime green shirt which was unbuttoned and he was wearing a medallion around his neck, his bag looked like a handbag, he walked up to the bar and said “Could I have a sweet sherry, with two cherries on top and an umbrella, Holly said with a little snigger “coming right up” Ted put his bag on the bar got his wallet and paid Holly………………………………..

To be continued………………………..

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  1. Brilliant everyone just brilliant !!!!!!! Loved it all!!!!!!! Lots of work went into this one!!!!!!!!! Darlene