Episode 13

“Thank goodness that week’s gone by; I was fed up with Albert laughing like a drain! It’s given me a head ache” sighed Laddie, looking out the window as Buddy and Owen started to set up the goal posts ready for the match. At least he thought that was what they were doing but he could only see the top of their heads as the goal posts wobbled. “Wonder if I can get out of here to watch it”

Buddy puffed his way in to the changing room to check on his team as Owen sneaked off for a crafty half pint as he had conveniently arranged to meet the Ref in the pub.

Sam was pleased to see Owen as he knew he was generous with the refreshments after the match, but it would still be fair play – no matter how many pints there were.

“Right lads, let’s be having you, all got your proper kit this time?” he said looking at Toggle and Button – “you can take those silly pants off and get your proper shorts on”
“And we thought we were helping with those lovely sky blue silk boxers” giggled Toggle “come on Button lets put the proper stuff on”

The door opened and Owen came in “OK lads, match time you all know where you are meant to be playing and Max stay in goal this time – you can’t wander about the field when the other team is trying to shoot at the goal!”

They filed on to the pitch with their opponents beside them, led by Sam the ref and his two linesmen, Gnasher and Fang. Sam tossed the coin and the other team captain called heads and chose to play to the goal nearest the pub, “That’s all right” whispered Dinkie, “that means we’re that way second half so we won’t have so far to go to the pub!” Frankie nodded.

The whistle blew and the match kicked off and the Snapping dogs centre forward kicked the ball to one of his mid-fielders, straight through Toggle’s legs!
Owen screamed at him “You’ve got four legs could you have used on of them?”
“Sorry boss” called Toggle as he set off after the ball, and the team’s supporters groaned.

Oscar managed to tackle a player and kicked the ball skywards where it was headed to the forwards by Dylan Wickes who then carried on forward like a good midfielder should. But Trevor had managed to get himself into an offside position as he tried a shot on goal and Gnasher waved his flag with Sam blowing his whistle.

“No way Ref, I wasn’t off side” Sam went over to Gnasher who told him that he could see more than a bit of daylight between Trevor and the defenders and the rules are the rules! “Sorry Trevor you can’t be that far in front of the defenders and not be offside – free kick to goalie”

They all ran after the ball as the goalie gave a powerful kick which covered three quarters of the pitch and it was only skilful playing by a surprised Button that rescued the ball and headed back up the pitch to crowds delight. But still no goal, they fiercely battled to half time where the score was still nil-nil.

Owen marched into the dressing room and demanded to know why were they playing like a bunch of girls – “let’s see goals he exclaimed”
The second half started and now they were heading towards the pub for their goal in more ways than one!

Having kicked off Trevor headed up the pitch as Dylan shepherded Max back to the goal, suddenly there was a cheer as the substitute Ozzy thinking he was Steven Gerrard charged up the pitch and fired an almighty shot which whizzed past the goalie’s ear and bounced at the back of the net – ONE NIL!!

Owen and Buddy jumped up and down with joy and the team gathered round to pat him.

The match restarted and Dinky saw their forward charging through and grabbed his shirt – “Yellow Card” shouted Sam and as they lined up to take the free kick, the crowd went silent, but Max actually saved the day with a magnificent save just as he’d seen at the World Cup and as the final whistle went a cheer went up they’d won one-nil.

As they wandered round shaking hands Sam called out – “What’s little Albert doing with that little fishing net – it’s not big enough to catch a football!” All the team turned to watch Albert chasing around around with his net, Owen said to Max “What on earth is that boy doing?” Max replied “Dunno boss”

Meanwhile poor Albert had had no luck catching the little time machines and couldn’t understand why, on closer inspection Albert notice a switch, he pressed it and the the net made a humming noise, Albert muttered to himself “Doh – it may help if i switched this thing on” be continued ...........................

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  1. Just spotted my old Ben in the football match!! Really made me laugh!!!!